Audition Dates for “So You Think You Can” Dance Show Announced

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Heads up Y’all!  think you have  potential talent for some dance competition?

You’re in luck! Fox has just announced for 5 audition dates for this summer’s 11th season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance. The show will begin its 11th-season audition tour with open public tryouts in  the following popular cities:

Atlanta, GA on January 13. Auditions will additionally be held in Philadelphia, PA; New Orleans, LA; Chicago, IL; and conclude in Los Angeles, CA, on March 23.

Be aware that Registration will begin at 8AM at the location’s venue. People who audition who are traveling to the cities  above are instructed to make arrangements to stay in that area for at least 2 days following their  audition in the event of a callback to them.

In addition to this exciting show,several returning projects such as the following new series will make their debuts in the spring & summer: comedy “Surviving Jack,” event series “24: Live Another Day,” comedy game-show “Riot,” action-drama “Gang Related” and dating show “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry.'”

Very exciting news, ohhhh and Good luck to everyone that try’s out for this spectacular show!

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Selena Gomez Going to Trial but Guess for Who?

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Justin Biebers ex girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is going to be served with a subpoena stating for her to sit down for a deposition involving her ex-bf’s lawsuit involving an alleged assault on Jeffrey Binion, by the 19 yr old’s bodyguard, according to some sources.

The singer has been accused of ordering an assault on the photog which was captured on video, however, could be overshadowed when his ex-lover is forced to give her own deposition. Pictures appeared on Thursday of Gomez being served with legal docs, but Di Cowden said it wasn’t pertaining to his client’s lawsuit against the Biebs..ouch

In addition, We know they’re totes back together, but are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez engaged? Even married?! Speculation is running wild, and here’s why. That shiny gold band on Selena’s left ring finger definitely stands out, and sources have confirmed that it was a gift from Justin, her on-off lover. She’s been wearing it non-stop since their March 7 reunion in McAllen, Texas, sparking rumors that Selena and Justin Bieber just got engaged.


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Clothing Fashion Reflects your Individualism?

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If you want to have swag, you don’t necessarily have to always wear the right clothes for example Jordans you see folks wearing (mostIy Retros or OLD schools, Nike Air Force 1’s, Vandals, Hyperdunks and the list goes on). The skinny jeans  you see people wearing are what many consider to be swag. What should be known is that the brand isn’t really a big deal because it just makes you look a tool or follower. They can just as much be those 9 dollar jeans  you saw at Ross. If you do decide to buy skinny jeans  just make sure they are dark colors  that way they stay looking fresh & clean 24/7  7 days a week. It will always look nice when you wear hat along with them. It really doesn’t matter whether snap backs or fitted caps cause they both look good.

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Some tips for yall that are currently trending are watches.  Famous brand watches are G-Shock or Nixon watches, Freestyle, LRG watches, Flud watches, Fossil watches etc. Necklaces arent a big deal you could wear any kind. Sunglasses would be nice too. Also nice hoodies and beanies. And one more BIG thing!! When you wear shorts try to wear your best jordans with long socks. For even more swag wear 2 socks on each foot. Kind of like basketball players. Supra shoes, and Vlado shoes are good too. Not to long ago when i was reading a story while waiting for my appointment (monthly checkup) i realized how trends come and go. But what it  all comes down to originality, magazines, photos of perfect models and guys in their expensive shoes with $100 socks, i thought how could anyone afford that kind of dough. I wear what i like, even if it comes from old navy, aeropostale, you name it as long as its not over $20 bucks. I’d rather go to a thrift shop anyday, but their selection isn’t always too big. But like my grandmother used to always say, wear what you’d like but don’t look to foolish baby. lol.

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Twerk Star Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video Breaks Records!

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When the video was unleashed to the world, Miley tweet #WreckTheRecord, letting all her loyals twerkers that she will release the track list for Bangerz if her and only her fans break the record for the most VEVO views in a 24 hours, and guess what she did! Congrats to her and her fans i suppose! :) Check, vevo,vimeo or youtube. #twerkninismalls #nini smalls twerk video – Entertainment
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Ouch! Hopefully everyone realizes Miley is doing much of this kind of stuff for more attention and publicity to her own business ventures.

Just a bit of knowledge. She has gain much popularity through her twerking videos and twerk team co-stars which is pretty awesome!

FYI, the director of her video,Terry Richardson, has a bad rep in which has been under fire for inappropriateness with young models.

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Apple Reveals new iPhone 5S & 5C inludes fingerprint ID home button! Sweeeet!

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This is for all Apple Loyalists out there! (including myself! :p) as we all know September announcements always means a new iPhone.Hence, Apple followed through once again! However, this time Apple revealed 2 new phones.

Value and Cost

For the money, Apple’s iPhone 5c is a very capable device. It’s $100 cheaper than the 5s at equivalent storage sizes, and it’s not missing too many tricks at the moment compared to the 5s, besides the camera features mentioned above, and the secret payload of the A7 and M7 processing components. The 5C which comes with a plastic cover and will sell at a lower price point than usual for new iPhones.

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The 5S has all the latest technology from the company, including a faster processing chip and improved camera. Both phones come in a variety of colors.The iPhone 5C is $550 at full price. That’s far higher than analysts predicted. Last but not least, the new iPhone will have fingerprint technology as the Home button! How awesome huh :P

Ultimately the phone that’s right for you is the one that holds the most appeal to you personally – and yes, before you comment, I fully realize that might be an Android phone. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Apple’s new strategy of releasing two new iPhone devices means a lot more people will be trying to make up their minds between them. Hopefully the considerations above help that decision along. In addition, they have also already announced new product iphone cases for the phone which are even listed on ebay this early in stages. Talk about fast product manufacturing lol

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